PLM4U Mobile

We've expanded our product proposal creating mobile application.

We propose our free time and security apps for you and your dear ones. These applications were designed according to everyday needs and concrete demands, so they were created to be easy to use and without advertising.

Help Me!

Emergency button.

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Virtual dashboard for motorcycles and not.

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Help Me!

Help Me!, the App that improves security for individuals and companies.

Pressing a simple button, Help Me! sends your position to a set of default user-defined contacts, furthermore the application can produce an alarm to draw people's attention to the user.

The application provides the ability to keep the screen on when it is in foreground, in order to quickly send the help request.

It is possible to have smart access to phone app, contacts and sms app.

It's also easy to verify in real time the localization system enabling position display by the settings, this also allows to access quickly to google maps application by means of the button next to location data.

Help Me! can be downloaded for free from Google Play.


MotoSpeed ​​allows you to have an advanced digital dashboard for use with yours motorcycle and not.

The multilingual dashboard includes the display of clock, speedometer, GPS coordinates (Latitude, longitude and altitude), distance traveled, average speed relative to distance and speed Maximum achievement.

The path will be saved and then used as "telemetry" in the CSV format (MS Excel) in the format compatible with Google Earth (KML) and GPS navigator format (GPX).

The current version also includes a visual alarm to indicate when to refuel the motorcycle.

MotoSpeed can be downloaded for free from Google Play .