PLM4U Suite

Register now to use the latest version(2.0.27) of our PLM4U Suite for management of CAD data. If you are already registered click here for download the latest version.

After the registration you will receive an email, at the email address in the form, with the link for download PLM4U Suite.
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There is an online Help linked in the application, that explain all the features. There is even a Youtube video with an introduction to PLM4U Suite. (old version)

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History of Versions

2.0.27Bug Fix Materials
2.0.26Bug Fix Creo Environment
2.0.25Bug Fix Creo Environment
2.0.24Bug Fix Creo Environment
2.0.23Add re-import in Creo Environment
2.0.22Bug fix Holes.
2.0.21Bug fix nel Creo Environment.
2.0.20Bug fix in the Creo Environment.
2.0.19Added the defualt psf in the Creo Environment.
2.0.18Added filter in interface
2.0.17Bug fix.
2.0.16Bug fix search path.
2.0.15New function in PDMLite for showing the model's parameters and cleaning the parameter file leaving only the models in the search_path or in
2.0.14Added tab PDMLite
Added button search and descriptions in License PSF.
2.0.13Bug fix.
2.0.12Bug fix.
2.0.11Bug fix.
2.0.10Bug fix.
2.0.9Added help online of new functions
Added check duplicates in Search Path tab.
2.0.8Bug fix.
2.0.7Bug fix.
2.0.6Activation of Creo Environment that show in the Suite all the data contains in the environment.
2.0.5Created Creo Environment tab with operations on Creo Versions and Creo Environments.
2.0.4Added functions in License PSF tab: delete and duplicate file, show details of license with the possibility to delete license numbers, add and delete of variables.
2.0.3Added Search Path tab.
2.0.2Bug fix Materials.
2.0.1Added check of Materials.
2.0.0Initial strucutre: Purge&Clean, Materials, Holes, License PSF, Options, About.