our experiences at your service

PLM4U works with client companies to be a Problem Solving Company, using modern technologies (3D CAD, PDM, PLM, IoT and AR) to improve their technological processes, starting from the Technical Drawing up to the realization of the Finished Product.

Today a strong Agreement with experienced collaborators and the possibility of supporting important and structured companies have allowed us to form a Work Team with a strong Know-How.


for improve productivity

Our partnership with PTC allows us assisting you from the installation to the maintenance and improve the PTC' solution of your company.

Our main activity of developing in parthership with PTC are:

  • Customization for PTC Products
  • Installation and configuration of Windchill environments
  • Analysis and optimization of technical data streams
  • Installation and configuration of ProEngineer/Creo environments
  • Creation of authomatic procedures for maximize productivity using PTC products

also the skills acquired in these years, allow us to perform:

  • Automatisms and Customizations on the most widespread 3D CAD, PDM and PLM software of the market.
  • CAD / PDM / PLM data integration with the most widespread Management (SAP, INFOR, etc.).
  • Development Vertical Web Applications that integrate CAD / PDM / PLM data.
  • Company Data Management along Company Primary Processes


handle your needs

Our experts can help you find the best solutions for your company, using the most widespread 3D CAD, PDM and PLM software, especially PTC products. Consultig can be on:
  • New Installations of integrated production systems.
  • Customization of the existing system.
  • Administration of Windchill environments and the most popular PDM / PLM.
  • Assistance of your PTC products.
We provide Onsite consultancy services in your company, and Online on the most common CAD 3D, PDM and PLM software on the market, especially PTC products. With this last solution we have the possibility of speeding up intervention times and minimizing customer costs.


building the foundation for success

In order to have a Productive Company you need to train your staff to create experts. And the more a company is full of experts, the more the company will have a high level know-how. We can create ad hoc Training Plans for your needs both at Us and at the end customer's company on the following topics:
  • Training on all PTC products .
  • Design training (Technical Design, Mechanical Design, Technology, Materials, Machining, CNC, etc.) with the support of IT products.
  • Training on the most widespread 3D CAD, PDM and PLM software on the market.
  • Training at Accredited Centers FORMA.TEMP being our certified teachers.


concretize your derams

Our collaborators will support you in Design, in Simulation and in building a business working methodology during the creation of your new products.
  • Spreadsheets with MathCAD.


realize your ideas

Our Competences can help you in the design and development of new Business Processes with the use of Vertical Applications created with the most current Programming languages.